Work-Life Resilience: Strategies for Helping Individuals & Organizations Thrive
Our signature seminar is a highly interactive program packed with practical strategies which can be implemented immediately.  It is most often delivered as either a half or full day session, but can also be adapted to a keynote, breakout session or a weekly series of workshops.

The latest research proves that resilience is one of the most critical skills employees need in order to insure both personal and organizational success.  Today’s economy demands that organizations maximize their talent, providing employees with the tools necessary to proactively manage competing demands and ongoing change.  In this session, participants will learn:

  • Strategies for managing multiple demands and responsibilities
  • Best practices for adapting to ongoing workplace and personal change
  • Communication skills critical for setting limits, delegating, and dealing with difficult situations
  • Approaches for creating and sustaining supportive networks and teams
  • Tools for managing stress and preventing burnout


Other popular seminars:

Thriving During Workplace Change
In today’s business climate, companies are required to make frequent and swift adjustments in how they are structured and conduct business, affecting people at all levels of the organization.  This session addresses how to effectively manage these ongoing changes, and importantly, how to position oneself for success in this environment.  Participants will also learn strategies for overcoming their personal obstacles when facing change, best practices for adapting quickly, and approaches for supporting colleagues and team members.

Excellent Communication isn’t Optional
Learning to receive feedback well is an extremely valuable tool for both personal and professional success.  This is a two part seminar which can be delivered as two separate sessions or one longer program.

Giving Effective Feedback (Part 1 of 2)
In order to improve, everyone needs good quality feedback, however, it’s one of the most difficult communication challenges we face.  During this session participants will learn the characteristics of constructive feedback, and will identify and practice the key elements of making feedback effective.  This seminar will also address how to give feedback in a variety of challenging situations to people at all levels of an organization.

Receiving Feedback Effectively (Part 2 of 2)
Learning to receive feedback well is an extremely valuable tool for both personal and professional success.  This session focuses on how to genuinely hear the feedback being given, listen without becoming defensive, and create a plan for improvement if necessary.  This workshop also addresses how to handle difficult situations such as receiving feedback the recipient disagrees with, input that is given inappropriately or from someone who may not be qualified to provide it.

Redefining Superwoman: Helping Busy Women Manage their Lives
Women have a tendency to try to be “all things to all people.”  Long-term, this is a recipe for overload and burnout.  In this session, participants will learn essential skills for managing their many roles and responsibilities, practice effective strategies for delegating and setting limits, and develop a practical plan for creating time to recharge. 

The Dual-Career Relationship: Creating Strategies for Joint Success
Dual-career couples face the unique challenge of managing both their own and their partner’s personal and professional responsibilities.  Meeting these varied demands while concurrently preserving the integrity of the relationship is not always an easy feat.  Seminar participants will learn strategies for effectively handing the many roles they play, as well as best practices for communicating with and staying connected to their partner.

Stress Management
Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it’s essential to learn skills to more effectively manage stressful situations. This seminar reviews the basics of the physiology of the stress response and helps participants identify their typical reaction and pattern of behavior when faced with different stressors.  Participants will learn a wide variety of practical coping skills to help with both everyday situations as well as ongoing challenges.  Participants will leave this very interactive session with new skills they can immediately put into action.

The Resilient Parent: It’s Not a Crime to Feed Your Kids Cereal For Dinner
Parents need to be resilient probably more than anyone on the planet.  In this seminar, participants will learn strategies for coping with constantly changing schedules, practical approaches for addressing competing demands, and realistic ways to care for themselves and maintain the energy they need in this challenging role.