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June 21, 2011
Issue #33 

The 4 Things You Should Stop Saying Now 


What we say has a profound impact on how we feel, the impression we make on others, and our ability to manage our work-life challenges. Let's make every attempt to remove the following four phrases from our daily dialogue and replace them with language and an attitude far more positive and solution-oriented.

  1. "I'm crazy busy."
    Guilty as charged. I say this often but am now vowing to try and stop. EVERYONE is crazy busy and honestly, it's a little annoying when we all walk around telling each other how busy we are.

  2. "I can't find the time to take care of myself."  
    You're right, you won't find the time; you have to make the time. Grab your calendar and look at this week's schedule. Block off two 15 minute chunks of time to do something, ANYTHING, which helps you take care of yourself.

  3. "I'm so stressed." 
    Yes, you are experiencing stress, but in order to improve your situation, you've got to be more specific about what's going on. Consider if you're actually worried, frustrated, overwhelmed, etc. By saying, "I'm really overwhelmed by this project and the approaching deadline" (vs. "I'm stressed"), you're already on your way to understanding the steps you must take to better manage the problem.

  4. "There's no one who can help me with this. I'm the only one who can do it." 
    Nobody loves a martyr. To be fair, yes, there are times when an activity truly needs to be done by us alone, but there are plenty of times we don't ask for support when it's readily available to us. Case in point, my husband is perfectly willing to help me with grocery shopping. And if I ask him to do the grocery shopping more frequently, it's possible that he'll stop calling me with questions from every single aisle of the store. Well, maybe.    

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