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February 4, 2011
Issue #26


How to Find (at least!) 10 Extra Minutes Each Day 

Sometimes all we need is 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes to finish a project, run an errand, or return a phone call. Frankly, I could use more than 10 minutes today to get some work done thanks to the many snow days my children have had in January! However, I'll take all the extra minutes I can get and surprisingly, they aren't that hard to find.

  1. Delegate it. 
    Kids can empty a dishwasher, a partner can fold the laundry, a neighborhood teenager can shovel your driveway. No one is going to show up at your door to present you with "The Biggest Martyr" trophy, so stop trying to win the award.

  2. DVR it. 
    Use a digital video recorder (TiVo, etc.) to record your favorite shows rather than watching them live. Start watching one hour shows 15 minutes after their original start time and you can skip all the commercials.

  3. Delete it. 
    Unsubscribe from every newsletter, mailing list, coupon site, etc. which you aren't regularly reading.  Scanning these emails is a huge waste of time if you really aren't interested.

  4. Do it all together.
    Precious time is lost when we jump back and forth between activities.  Perform similar tasks, like returning phone calls, together.  You'll be amazed at your increased efficiency.

  5. Don't do it at all.
    If a task has been on your to do list forever, it probably doesn't need to be done.  Channel your inner rebel and cross one item off your list without doing it.  Personally, I just decided that I'm not going to vacuum the interior of my car until spring.  There's no point in fighting the relentless onslaught of dirty snow boots and crushed Cheerios.  Besides, in a few months I can practice suggestion #1 and delegate this task to my kids!

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