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October 28, 2010
Issue #19

Life Lessons We All Can Mine From Chile


So many of us watched in awe a couple of weeks ago as the 33 Chilean miners were miraculously rescued after 69 days underground.  During their long entrapment, I'm sure that each miner vowed to himself that if he were to see the light of day again, he would live his life a bit differently, making time for his most important priorities. 


Let's not wait for a life-threatening situation to make us realize that we need to be more committed to putting ourselves and our loved ones at the top of our to-do list.

It won't be easy, but I challenge you to choose one activity from this list and stick with it all week.  It will be the start of a healthy habit which I guarantee will add more balance and happiness to your life.


  1. When sharing any meal with your family or friends, do not answer your phone, check your email, or even glance at any electronic device. 
    If it has a battery or a cord, it doesn't get a fork, knife, or any of your attention.

  2. Each day this week, set aside 15 minutes for yourself. 
    Take a walk, read a book, work on a personal project, and don't let anything interrupt you.  Having kids can make this particularly challenging; remember, by taking time for yourself, you are setting a great example for your children.  Another benefit is that your children will have a happier and recharged parent.
  3. Barring an emergency, don't answer call waiting all week. 
    Let's be honest, who likes to be put on hold because the other caller might be "more important?"

  4. Call a friend to catch up, and don't do anything else while on the phone (e.g. fold laundry, empty the dishwasher, etc.). 
    Sit in a comfortable chair, be fully engaged and enjoy the conversation.  Full disclosure: I have a tough time doing this sometimes, but I assure you that when I do, it feels great.

  5. Each day let someone important in your life know that you appreciate them. 
    You can do this with a small gesture or by personally telling them how much they mean to you.  You will you be amazed at how touched others are by your kind words, and surprised by how energized this makes you feel.


I would love to hear which activity you've chosen for this week!  Please tell me ( how it's going and if I can provide you with any additional support!

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