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September 2, 2010
Issue #16

Think Back-to-School Basics Don't Apply to You?

While spending the past few weeks getting my kids ready to return to school, it occurred to me that following many of the back-to-school basics would serve us all very well.  Integrating some of these strategies into your life may even make you feel like a kid again-- well, not the moody adolescent-- but the one who has more energy and feels ready to tackle the world!

  1. Get to bed earlier.
    With our schedules about to move into high gear, it's time to ditch the late bedtime we often adopt in the summer.  Decide on a reasonable time to turn in, and then gradually move your bedtime up by about 10 minutes each night.  This is a difficult adjustment for many of us to make, but the payoff is that you'll feel well-rested and better prepared to face your busy day.

  2. Pack a healthy lunch.
    We manage daily stressors much better if we are well-nourished with a nutritious meal rather than the greasy pizza from the food truck.  It takes some effort to pack a lunch, but it doesn't have to be a chore.  Make it easy on yourself by using the weekend to cook a vegetable lasagna which can be frozen in single serving portions you can bring for lunch.  You can also grill a large quantity of chicken breasts and use them for sandwiches or sliced on top on a salad.  Email me ( if you'd like more quick and healthful lunch ideas; if there's enough interest, I'll devote an entire newsletter to the topic!

  3. Get your homework done.
    We may not be facing homework at the end of each day anymore, but many of us bring work home on a regular basis.  If it's truly necessary to work from home, establish a clear schedule that allows you enough time for both working and relaxing.  The key is to create a schedule that fits the nature of your work, and definitely set some boundaries; without them it's too easy to work endless hours when you really need to be recharging.

  4. Choose your extra-curricular activities carefully.
    It is now widely-reported that kids today are very overscheduled.  Let's be honest...the lives of adults aren't all that different.  No one's debating that we have responsibilities and commitments which are non-negotiable, but we also find ourselves attending events which don't require our presence and which, frankly, we don't enjoy.  It's time to ask yourself, "Where can I scale back?"  It might be the best question you've asked yourself all summer.

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