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June 16, 2010
Issue #11

How NOT to Call the Office While You're on Vacation
We love our vacations.  There are just three problems: (1) It can take considerable effort to plan for our time out of the office, (2) we dread what awaits us when we return from vacation, and worst of all, (3) we often stay in regular contact with work when we are on vacation and supposed to be relaxing!   Try these strategies and you'll find yourself enjoying your vacation and doing exactly what you need....recharging!

  1. About two weeks before your vacation, inform both colleagues and important customers of your vacation plans. 
    Be sure to let them know whom they can contact in your absence.

  2. Determine what work can be done in advance of your trip and do it! 
    Whether wrapping up a project or writing your monthly expense report, get these tasks off your plate so you don't have to return to them after your vacation.

  3. Make a list of your current and ongoing projects and make sure that each has a point person who can handle issues which may arise while you're away. 
    Don't forget to leave a contact person for recently completed work-sometimes questions come up a week or two after a project is finished.

  4. Set an "out of office" auto-reply for incoming email and change your voicemail greeting (indicate when you will return and whether you'll be checking messages).
    Also consider whether you need someone to check your voicemail/email in your absence.  If someone is handling your workload, include their contact information on your voicemail and in your auto-reply message.

  5. Clean your desk before you leave-- you'll feel a lot better when you return.

  6. Be mindful of not over scheduling your first couple of days back at work. 
    Try to keep the first day or two light on meetings so you can catch up on email, phone messages, and anything else which might need your immediate attention.

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