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May 19, 2010
Issue #9

Simple Steps for a Great (and more balanced!) Summer

The relaxed pace of summer is perfect for creating more balance in our lives.  With a bit of planning and some small adjustments to our everyday schedules, we can craft a summer which gives us the relaxation we need now and re-energizes us for when life becomes more hectic in September.

  1. Don't over schedule.
    There is a reason the phrase, "those lazy days of summer" is so appealing.  We all need time to slow down and recharge, and that is possible only if our schedules aren't jam packed.

  2. Involve your family in summer planning.
    Ask for input on how they envision the summer.  Engaging kids in vacation and camp plans will greatly increase the chances that everyone will be happy.  If friends, in-laws, or extended family are typically part of your summer plans, be sure to also include them in relevant conversations.

  3. Plan your summer vacation NOW.
    Your getaway should come at a time when you'll most be able to relax, and when your absence will be least disruptive to your organization. Discuss work priorities and deadlines with your manager soon, and get your vacation on everybody's calendar!

  4. Make use of flexible scheduling.
    Explore the possibility of working extra hours on Monday through Thursday so you can head out early on Friday and get a jump on the weekend.

  5. Take advantage of the summer slowdown.
    Many businesses slow down a bit in the summer.  If this is the case for you, maximize the lighter workload by getting caught up on tasks you won't have time for in the fall (e.g. organizing files, learning a new software program, etc.).

  6. Save some vacation time for "one day" vacations.
    Extended time away from work is critical for our well-being, but so are single days out of the office.  Schedule a random Tuesday to take a day trip with a friend or go shopping by yourself.  Kids also love the change of routine so consider having them skip a day of camp and let them choose a fun destination for the day.

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