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May 5, 2010
Issue #8

5 Ways to Improve the First 15 Minutes Back Home
Most of us aren't at our best at the end of the day, yet those first 15 minutes back at home can sometimes make or break the evening.  Here are some simple steps to get the evening started on the right foot:

  1. Change clothes immediately.
    Whether you change into jeans, sweatpants, or pajamas, putting on comfortable clothes helps you shift gears and start to relax.

  2. Toss a healthy snack on the table.
    No one will perish if dinner isn't served immediately.  Some carrots and hummus or cheese and crackers will satisfy anyone who is starving, and allow you to feel less rushed when it comes to preparing dinner.

  3. Don't touch that remote.
    As tempting as it is, immediately turning on the TV takes your attention elsewhere and makes it much harder to unwind.

  4. Hands off the BlackBerry, computer and phone, as well!
    Regardless of whether your household consists of just you, or a family of ten, letting your electronic devices sit idle when you first arrive home helps you disconnect from job-related demands and stressors.  Attempt to leave these untouched for the first 15 minutes at home, but try for even longer!

  5. Mix it up!
    Arrive home with a pizza, a movie, or an announcement that dinner will be a pancake picnic in the living room.  The unexpected will shake up the routine and set the tone (hopefully an upbeat one!) for the evening.

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