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March 9, 1010
Issue #4


Giving Effective Feedback


To be an effective leader, it's crucial to provide both positive and corrective feedback.  Making this type of regular communication part of your leadership style will inspire others to perform at a high level and will increase their respect for you due to your willingness to be open with them.

  1. Invest time in developing trusting and respectful relationships.
    If the other person views you as someone who has their best interests in mind, they are more likely to be open to what you have to say.

  2. Ask yourself, "What is my goal in giving this feedback?"
    Until you can clearly answer this question, delay giving the feedback.  Keep in mind that effective feedback should produce learning AND preserve (and hopefully improve) the relationship.

  3. One size DOESN'T fit all when it comes to giving feedback.
    When deciding how to deliver your message, consider the recipient's personality, learning style, cultural background, and any other issues in their personal life.  Each person needs to be approached in a unique way.

  4. Rehearse.
    Practice saying ALOUD what you will say, and how you might respond to the various ways the conversation could play out.  Asking a question is also a great way to initiate a productive discussion.  For example, "I'd like to review the outcome of the Peterson project with you.  What are your thoughts about what went well and what could have worked better?"

  5. Keep in mind that the recipient may not agree with your feedback, at least not initially.
    Not everyone will see things from your perspective, and sometimes it takes time for someone to consider a different point of view.  Be prepared to suggest that they take some time to process the conversation and plan a time to discuss it at a later date.

  6. Provide positive feedback regularly.
    If you only deliver corrective feedback, you lose credibility.  Be sure to recognize both the accomplishments and efforts of others.  We don't know always know that we're "on track" unless someone tells us.

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