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Use Technology Consciously


While there are many reasons why working women feel pulled in so many directions, one reason is directly related to technology.  Without question, the advancement of technology makes our lives much easier in many ways, but it also causes us to try to be in too many places at once.  By paying attention to how we use these tools, we actually increase our productivity and improve our personal and professional relationships.


  1. Recognize that just because you CAN be reached doesn't mean that you HAVE to be reached.
    Enough said.

  2. Consider the message you're sending when you give your technology more attention than your friends and family.
    When you refrain from texting during dinner with a friend, or let voicemail pick up when you're reading a book to your child, you communicate that they are worthy of your full attention.  You also benefit because you enjoy your time together much more, and won't feel guilty later.

  3. If you must check your work email in the evening, designate a specific time to log on AND log off.
    Setting these limits prevents you from spending hours working online and is very helpful in establishing expectations for family and friends who want to share time with you.

  4. Avoid checking personal email and voicemail as soon as you arrive home.
    We think checking messages will "only take a minute," but before we know it we're stressed and feel the urgency to respond immediately.  By taking time to unwind and recharge when we get home, we will handle those messages later much more effectively.

  5. Ask friends and family to only use your personal email address in order to minimize distractions at work.
    Choose specific times to check these messages.  Let your family know that it's best to call you if there is an urgent matter.

  6. Unplug once a day.
    We're at our most creative when we aren't constantly interrupted and forced to give only partial attention to multiple tasks.  At a minimum, disconnect while in the car (if only for safety reasons), and certainly try to unplug for an hour another time each day.  You'll be amazed at what you will accomplish.

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